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Body Electric Pole Dance Studio- Meet your teachers

Maree and Giada founded Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, Wellington, New Zealand in 2014. They are both experienced pole dance teachers who have a wealth of experience guiding all levels of students, from introductory pole classes through to elite level pole. Opening a pole school to share their passion for pole has been a long time dream for both of them, and establishing Body Electric Pole Dance Studio was an exciting and fulfilling next-step in their pole careers. Both Maree and Giada are well-known pole dance performers in the Wellington scene, as well as around New Zealand. Body Electric is proud to have a team of experienced, dedicated teachers covering all aspects of pole styles. Our teachers come from varied backgrounds, and have a profusion of body movement, fitness and dance knowledge.

Maree Prebensen

Co-director of Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, Maree has a background in ballet and martial arts, is an Art Historian by professsion with an Masters degree, but since attending her first pole class 9 years ago has found her true calling. She has been a Miss Pole Dance New Zealand finalist, an NZAPP finalist and was selected to perform in Encore! a pole showcase based in Sydney. As well as teaching and performing, she produces the Pole Room shows, regular pole showcases based in Wellington featuring acts from throughout NZ. She is a certified pole teacher (X-pert certification, Levels 1 through to 4.) She teaches all levels of pole dance classes, but her favourite classes to teach are creative choreography and floorwork sessions.

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Giada Caluzzi

Co-director of Body Electric Pole Dance Studio, Giada has been obsessed with the art of pole for ten years. She is originally from Melbourne where she was an elite level pole dance teacher at Pole Divas. Since making Wellington her home six years ago, she has become a much loved and admired part of our pole scene. Before dedicating herself to the business of running a dance studio, Giada was a high school teacher with a Masters degree in Linguistics. She is a beautiful and gifted solo pole performer who has performed in Wellington, throughout New Zealand as well as Australia. She teaches all levels of pole dance classes, including our most Advanced classes, but especially loves teaching new beginner students - and seeing them discover how much fun pole is!                                     

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Katie Roberts

Bubbly pole dance teacher Katie is a registered personal trainer. She has been poling for 8 years, and is known for her strong tricks and fun, entertaining pole performances. She took out the title of NZAPP Open Category winner 2016 and 'Drama' award at Pole Legends 2016. She is a popular and experienced pole dance teacher in the Wellington pole dance scene. As well as teaching classes at Body Electric, she teaches kids circus classes and Chinese pole at the Wellington Circus Hub. You will meet her teaching all levels of Pole Dance and Conditioning classes at Body Electric.

Hannah Bartle

Hannah has been pole dancing for six years, and is an Illustrator during the day. She is a beautiful, graceful performer, who you will meet teaching Intermediate  and Advanced Pole, Pole Grooves and Spin Pole classes.

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Ileia Fox

Ileia loves Showgirl-style Pole. High heels, glamorous, sparkly costumes and legs for days are her trademarks. She is also a knowledgable and fun teacher who will show you how to get down-and-dirty in our floorwork and freestyle classes, as well as beginner pole dance classes.

Nakita Fox

Nakita has a background as a qualified teacher and judge of highland and national dancing and has dabbled in ballet and contemporary. She has been poling for many years, and her favourite elements of pole are floorwork and freestyle. She teaches stripper-style pole and flexibility classes at Body Electric.

Bridget Monro

Bridget started pole classes at Pole Divas in Melbourne, and re-discovered pole five years ago in Wellington. She loves classique pole and always rocks the most amazing shoes! She was 2nd runner up in the showgirl category of Pole Stars 2015, and was a finalist in Miss Pole Queen 2016. She was also selected to be a finalist at Pole Theatre Sydney in 2017 and will compete in Miss Pole Dance NZ 2018. She teaches Beginner and Intermediate pole classes, as well as "Let's Get Flexy' at Body Electric.

Lydia Koh

With over nine years of pole and aerials teaching in Australia and Singapore, Body Electric is excited to have the multi-talented Lydia on board. She is an IDPFA (International Pole Dance Fitness Association) Certified Pole dancing instructor  and was a Finalist in the Semi-Professional category for the HK China Pole Dance Championships. Lydia is a highly skilled advanced level pole instructor, and you will meet her at Body Electric teaching Spin Pole and Flexibility classes. 

Michaella Bain

Miki has been poling for four years and has a background in ballet and contemporary dance. Her pole performances are pretty fabulous, and if you are lucky, she will teach you her trademark moves - split drops and helicopters. She won two titles in 2017: Open Winner of Pole Inferno Freestyle Competition and Winner of the Showgirl category of Pole Stars. She teaches Beginners pole, Pole Grooves and Freestyle classes at Body Electric.

Georgia Latief

Georgia started pole dancing four years ago. With a background in Irish Dance, Georgia is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor at gyms as well as being a talented actress and performer. She has been a fun and bubbly member of Body Electric Pole Dance Studio since it opened and we are so happy to have her on our team! She regularly performs at The Pole Room and is known for her quirky and creative routines. She is a hard-core group fitness instuctor who will be whipping us in to line in our 2018 conditioning classes at Body Electric. You will also meet her teaching Beginner and Intermediate pole classes.

Evie Johnson

Evie began her pole journey at Body Electric Pole Dance Studio in 2016. With a love for Exotic style pole, floor work and aerial tricks, Evie loves to perform at competitions and shows like The Pole Room. Evie was selected as a finalist in Dance Filthy NZ and took out 2nd Runner Up at Pole Stars in the Show Girl category. The family vibe and sense of community at Body Electric has inspired Evie to push herself to achieve things she never thought herself capable of. This is what keeps Evie passionate about learning and teaching; to share and encourage new students on their pole journey. Evie teaches Intermediate pole classes at Body Electric.

THE POLE ROOM NZ is for the love of Pole Dance! 

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, THE POLE ROOM NZ organises regular pole shows that feature top pole performers as well as up-and-coming acts. We have had over twenty sold out shows and continue to be a vehicle for polers from around New Zealand to perform in a relaxed and fun environment. Keep an eye out for the next show.

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THE POLE ROOM NZ also runs a facebook group where you can discuss pole news, post pole moves, and socialise with other NZ polers.

Express your poleself!

 THE POLE ROOM NZ - New Zealand's largest Pole Community Group